NHA’s Education Initiative

Since Hyperbaric treatment is not often recognized as a main stream treatment modality, and is sometimes misused or misunderstood, the National Hyperbaric Association will bridge the gap between the professional and public knowledge of the benefits of hyperbaric treatment.

And we will connect with with practitioners in allied technologies and therapies like psychiatry, psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, Near Infrared Light (NIR) therapy, Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MRT), and Transcranial Magnetic and Stimulation (TMS),  who may benefit by adding hyperbaric treatment to their protocols.

A library of data and research

NHA members have access to an online knowledge-base of data, articles, white-papers, and studies.

The National Hyperbaric Association will:

  • Collect and categorize relevant research, notes and outcomes
  • Create a data repository of national and international outcomes and research that does not currently exist
  • Provide online access for NHA members to that knowledge-base
  • Create a on-line forum where NHA members can collaborate; exchanging ideas, asking questions and offering answers
  • Create a national forum from which the public can interface with hyperbaric professionals to have their questions answered
  • Create additional online educational tools for both the professional and public sector regarding hyperbaric treatment.

We wil leverage this knowledge-base to educate hyperbaric practitioners, insurers, government agencies, and the general public, on the benefits and practice of hyperbaric treatment, connecting research data with outcomes.

And the NHA forums will provide NHA members with with a platform for outreach, collaboration, and the development of new ideas.